Route News

Route News. (December19)

Routes 330 has new Mon-Fri Timetable. [30/12]

School Routes 697 reduced to 2 moring and 3 afternoon journeys with the 698 reduced to 4 moring and 5 afternoon journeys. (covered by new TfL route 278) [09/12]


Route News. (October 19)

Routes 331 has been retained on contract renewal.

The current DE class Enviro200 will continue to be used.

Route News. (March 19)

Routes R1 / R2 have been retained on contrat from 1st April 2019


Route 335 Has a new timetable from 20 September 2018 with two trips to/from Amersham Hospital.

Fleet News

Fleet News (September 19)

The Wrightbus StreetLite DF has arrived as WS60 SK19EZT.


Fleet News (March 19)

The 4 Mercedes Citaro K have arrived as MCK41-4  BX68GWA/B/C/E


A single door Wrightbus StreetLite DF is due for use with Roundabout Country as WS60.